North Quincy High School and Quincy College

Drama Club Performances 



12 Angry Jurors (Quincy College)

2016-12-10 12 Angry Jurors: 12 Angry Jurors

13 ways to screw up your college interview

       2017-05-06 13 ways to screw up college interview: 13 ways to screw up your college interview

Seussification of Romeo and Juliet

       2017-05-06 Seussification of Romeo and Juliet: Seussification of Romeo and Juliet

Dr. Horrible Sing-a-long Blog

Friday's Showing

2018-11-30 Dr. Horrible Sing-a-long blog: Dr. Horrible Sing-a-long Blog

2018-11-30 Excerpt from Julius Caesar: Excerpt from Julius Caesar

2018-11-30 Death of Trotsky:  Death of Trotsky


Saturdays Showing

2018-12-01 Dr. Horrible Sing-a-long blog (2nd show): Dr. Horrible Sing-a-long Blog 2nd Show

2018-12-01 Death of Trotsky (2nd show): Death of Trotsky (2nd Show)

2018-12-01 Excerpt from Julius Caesar (2nd Show): Excerpt from Julius Caesar (2nd Show)