Photography Lessons



Learn the basics of photography and how to use your camera

  • Getting properly exposed and focused photographs
  • Understand the science and art of light. Use it to your advantage
  • Stop using "Automatic" mode and start using the more creative modes and the manual mode.
  • Improve your photography using artificial light such as your flash
  • Basics of posing your subject

The cost starts at $50 per hour for one-on-one introductory lessons.


Send me an email to set up a lesson.  Please include:

  • When you would like to start
  • Which days and hours of the day are best for you
  • The Make and model of your camera if you already have one.
  • Give me an idea of what you would like to learn during your lesson.
  • What town you are located in. (There is a cost if I need to travel outside of my immediate area)
  • Your contact information